Don't know which option to choose?!

Choose this option if you are unsure. YUP staff will be able to assist you when you arrive.

Direct Submission / Livescan

Bring your information sheet with your codes for submission. If employers want copy bring two copies of your form. (REAL ESTATE RENEWALS - CHOOSE THIS ONE)

2 (10 print) fingerprint cards (FD-258) / Livescan

We provide FD-258 cards. Use this option for OUT-OF-STATE fingerprinting. This option is recognized as "INK" or "WET" as well. (NEW REAL ESTATE APPLICANTS - CHOOSE THIS ONE)


All Utah teachers and Child Care can choose this option. Direct Submission Live Scan.

1 (10 print) fingerprint card (FD-258) / Livescan

We provide the FD-258 card. This option is recognized as "INK" or "WET" as well.

1 (4 print) fingerprinting

Bring your "E" or "R" form with you. Reasons for needing only four fingerprints may include adoption or expungement forms.

Passport / Visa Photos

Photos can be printed or emailed (ATF). Both options can purchased separately. Light or no make-up. Hair behind ears. No; loud colors, hoop or large earrings, glasses.

ATF/EFT files Electronic Fingerprinting

If for ATF use, Form 1 and Form 4 customers only. Customers fingerprints will be emailed to them. This option is for those getting licensed through ATF or need EFT files, e.g. suppressor, government contracts, etc. This is non-refundable.

FBI Channeling / Background Check

Missionaries, Students etc. getting Visa's, personal background check, various companies. You must be a US Citizen or possess a Green Card.

Driver Privilege Card Fingerprinting and Photo

Appointment includes; Direct Submission Live Scan fingerprinting to Utah BCI, Passport sized photo and Confirmation Page. Photo and Confirmation Page will be placed into an envelope and sealed. Only the following ID's are acceptable: (A) a driver license from any state or country; (B) an identification card from any state or country; (C) a passport from any country; (D) a passport card from any country; (E) a border crossing card; (F) a consulate card from any country; (G) a visa; (H) an employment authorization card; (I) a foreign voter's registration card; (J) a military identification card; and (K) other forms of identification approved by the division.